Critical Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

Many thanks to mobile apps for making our lives easier and faster. Such is the impact they make that we cannot keep our hands away from our smartphone to access an app, Everyday, the number of apps hitting the stores like Google play store, windows store or iOS app store is also strikingly high. With the increase in the release of apps, competition among them is also rising.

In these circumstances, where the app market is crowded, an individual developer or any custom mobile application development company faces many challenges and sometimes problems right from the conception of an idea to ensuring the app gets noticed and to monetizing the app. Overcoming such hurdles that come your way is important for staying relevant in the world of app market.

Critical Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers


A long wait for a Eureka moment

Yet another app is not welcome. Many ideas have already turned into apps, so embarking on developing another me-too app is of no use. The big challenge lies in getting an idea or thinking of adding innovation to already existing app models. Creative ideas have to be applied while developing enterprise apps, gaming apps, immersive apps, utility apps or any other. There are times when a bizarre idea is converted to an app, successful. When that eureka moment strikes, half the task is over. Agree?

Creating a Compelling App

What use in developing an app that isn’t bothered? Ensuring that you develop the app that is noticed after the launch is indeed challenging. Do some homework on who your target audience is, the goal of your app, if it has a market, etc. It is also important to make it a point that the app includes graphics, needed features, great user experience, etc.

Device Fragmentation, a Thorn in Flesh of App Developers

Too many are the mobile devices and so are the device screen sizes. That said, designing and developing an app only for the latest platform is not possible. Factors such as screen sizes, pixel intensities, OS requirements, etc have to be considered. Ensuring that the app runs across various platforms is important. This challenge can be addressed using Responsive design.

Approach to Development

Of the three approaches – native apps, web apps, hybrid apps – which one to go? It is the doubt that lingers in the minds of developers. Knowing who your target audience are, will help you decide. Other factors that ought to be considered before deciding on your approach include, the level of user experience, time and money constraints, app complexity, etc.

App Discovery

Shockingly, most of the apps on app stores do not see the light of the day. They aren’t downloaded. Despite the developers spending time, energy and resources, all their hard work goes down the drain. To ensure that your app is easily discoverable, some tips would be helpful. App store optimization can be very useful. Also, the chances of audience discovering your app will rise if you engage on social media, and by sending it to reviewers, by setting up a good website with great content to market the app.


Practicing right strategies right from the start to marketing the app will bring success. Whatever be the type of app, it can be turned into a successful venture, provided innovation and hard work are mixed in the right dose.