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Scope of becoming the Best Android Application Developer


Android is an operating system created mainly for smart-phones and tablets. This popular mobile operating system becomes the most standard platform for building thousands and thousands of applications for catering the needs of million smartphone users effectively. Since its launch, it has rocked the information technology industry and also have taken over 81.5% global smartphone market share for the financial year 2014.

Usage of Android devices is widely spread across the globe and it leads to the rise in the requirement of mobile applications for various purposes and industries. The promising future of the Android application development industry makes many web developers to enter into this money-spinning industry and earn an enormous amount of money quickly.

To build a career in the Android development is not anymore the difficult task. Since there are endless possibilities in Android mobile app development, which helps the developers dive into the Android world of wonders to surprise it with their extraordinary applications.

There are certain qualities required to excel well in this superior industry. The following are the major qualities needed for becoming an Android app developers.

  • Strong in fundamentals is the most significant thing to become the best Android app developer in this competitive industry. Both Java and C# are the standard and most suitable languages for constructing the applications in the Android OS.
  • When the application is really complex, then Java is the most preferred language which runs the application in a faster speed. Since it uses safe and secure coding, the application has a high demand among the target users. Make sure to choose the language of your choice.
  • Get a wide knowledge in language which you have chosen like either Java and C#. Learn also PL SQL for incorporating application database with ease and XML to create an interface with the Android SDK.
  • Once the developers have sound knowledge of the fundamentals, then they can start developing the applications. They should be consistent in availing the cutting-edge apps every time.
  • They also need to be perfect enough in planning and managing while developing the applications.
  • Even though how complex the project is, an excellent Android developer needs to provide a user-friendly app promptly.
  • A developer who uses a proactive thinking in developing an application will scale the heights in this industry.

 Final Words

These are the qualities required for becoming the best Android application developer in the global world. As career development is considered, the fresher in this industry earns a lump sum of money for developing an Android application.